A Soundtrack for Late-Night Deadlines

I am a total night owl, and I often spend my weeknights working on deadlines into the early hours of the morning.

So for me, choosing the right late-night music is critical.

When I need inspiration to write, I turn to singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Florence + The Machine, and when I need to code a website with extra attention to detail, I go for electronic beats like Martin Garrix and Zedd.

Sometimes, though, I just need something quite and inspiring. And that’s what I have for my Music Monday playlist this week.

Influenced by artists like London Grammar, SOHN, and ODESZA, this week’s list is slow, soft and complex. Whether it’s the wide-ranging vocals of Jillian Hervey or the deconstructed symphonics of Christopher Michael Taylor, the songs in this late-night music set will keep you stimulated no matter how much yawning you do.

“The Wheel” by SOHN

“Always This Late” by ODESZA

“Places” by Shlohmo

“Close” by Atu

“Motion” by Balam Acab

“Little Dreamer” by LION BABE

“Sapphire” by Bonobo

“Help Me Lose My Mind – SOHN Remix” by Disclosure, London Grammar, SOHN

“No Where” by Holy Other

“We Can’t Be Friends” by Dream Koala

“Dmt” by St. xxyyxx

“Massage Situtaion” by Flying Lotus

“Sticky Fingers – Lane 8 Remix” by Above & Beyond, Alex Vargas

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Photo by Sea Shack Photo + Films


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