Get the wine. Tonight, you’ll want to stay home.

Last night while everyone was drowning in beer and watching the Super Bowl, I was enjoying my favorite bottle of Malbec and listening to the new Rhye album.

I tend to be a bit of a hermit.

My best friends Jenna and Zach invited me to their home to watch the game, but after a long week of meetings and deadlines for STUDIOS, I needed a break.

For me, a night at home sounded just as exciting.

Earlier this month under the pseudonym of Rhye, Canadian singer Milosh released his second album titled “Blood.” It’s a downtempo electronic record that swells with breathy vocals, soft piano melodies and quiet R&B percussion.

I first discovered Rhye when it released its first album, “Woman“ in 2013, and I instantly fell in love.

In all of its songs, Rhye captures a sensuality with his voice that hovers between androgynous and erotic. And when combined with strings and soulful baselines, it creates something magical.

While my recent Music Monday playlists have been dominated by upbeat disco and dancehall beats, I wanted to slow things down a bit this week.

Inspired by “Blood,” this week’s playlist is a blend of tracks from Rhye and Milosh as well as similar artists like SOHN, the xx, and Prince.

“Shikoku – Original Mix” by Kate Simko, London Electronic Orchestra

“Do You Want What I Need” by Milosh

“Song For You” by Rhye

“White” by Frank Ocean, John Mayer

“Red Lines” by SOHN

“Softly” by Rhye

“Compromised” by Tim Atlas

“Don’t Pull Away” by J.Views, Milosh

“Unfold” by the xx

“A Case of You” by Prince

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Photo by Dan Austin Photography