Jet Setting Tracks With Style

Traveling is probably my favorite pastime. There’s something about jet setting on an airplane and discovering a new city that inspires me more than anything else.

This weekend, I visited the city of Austin, Texas. It was my second time in the city in less than a year, and the experience was just as enjoyable as the first.

My friend Jeff introduced me to some of his friends from LOVE Cycle Bar and took me to some of his favorite restaurants, including the French café Le Politique, the underground speakeasy Buenos Aires, and the cocktail lounge the Roosevelt Room. But more on that later…

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For this week’s Music Monday playlist, I wanted to capture the spirit of the jet setter. Several of the songs feature titles about airplanes and travel, but more importantly, they are all great for cruising through TSA in style.

Plus, I made sure this playlist featured my signature disco-house vibe.

“Lady Airplane” by She Said Disco

“Paradisco” by Les Loups

“I’m Gonna Get You – Original Mix” by Mix Chopin

“Mar Vista” by Pat Lok

“Gimme Gimme” by Louis La Roche

“I Didnt Just Come Here To Dance” by Carley Rae Jepson

“Crystal Ball – VIP” by Pat Lok, Claire Ridgely

“Señorita” by Eden Prince

“Tight” by Mix Chopin

“Discotirso” by Knightlife

“Valsa in NJ” by Xinobi

“Disco Tits – Oliver Remix” by Tove Lo, Oliver

“Bump In The Night” by Lliam Taylor, Latriot, Sam Sparro

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Photo by Dan Austin Photography


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