Margaritas made easy with Cayman Jack

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I love to host parties. Ever since I moved into my current apartment, with its big open-floor plan and giant balcony, I’ve had the urge to entertain my friends. But whenever I invite them over for drinks, I always get stuck in the kitchen playing bartender.

When Cayman JackTM asked me to try its handcrafted blend of prepared margaritas, I thought This is my way out!

I was also excited to see if it was really possible to make a great cocktail in one pour. So I ran to the store to grab some ice and a six pack of Cayman JackTM Margarita.

Once I got home, I went straight to the bar. I was feeling a bit adventurous so I forewent the traditional margarita glass and opted for a more simple rocks glass with a gold rim. Then, I filled it to the brim with a heaping scoop of ice to chill it down.

Next, I poured a bottle of handcrafted Cayman JackTM Margarita over the ice until it was fizzing and popping.

And that was it. All I had left to do was taste it.

Like all great cocktails, this margarita was full of rich flavors. It started with a blend of tart organic key limes and sweet pure cane sugar, and finished off with a strong bite of blue agave tequila.

It was definitely not what I was expecting from a prepared drink. The flavors were smoother and more sophisticated than the jug of margarita mix I was used to using. Plus, these bottles would be easy to stock in my fridge before a party so I could spend less time mixing drinks and more time making playlists.

Now, since I am all about personal style, I decided to try my glass with a little extra garnish, adding two thin slices of jalapeño and a sprig of greens from the top of a pineapple.

By adding the jalapeño to the rim of the glass rather than into the drink itself, I was able to gave the margarita spicy aromatics without flavoring the drink with heat.

Needless to say, I think I’m ready for my next party. All I need now is a guest list.

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Photos by Dan Austin Photography