Because “Alternative Facts” have no place in this world

Ever since spin-master and walking hypocrite Kellyanne Conway coined the term “Alternative Facts,” the importance of identifying truth and reality have never been more important. 

As a journalism student, I would have failed a course if I plagiarized a paper or cited a statistic from augmented reality. But since this administration seems to have lesser ethical standards than a college freshman, I believe it is imperative we citizens maintain our own ethos.

Now, despite the divisive rhetoric spit out by Conway and her crony, white supremacist and all-together human toad Steve Bannon, the mainstream media is not “the opposition.”

Because if the media report facts that don’t favor the administration, it doesn’t make them fake news. It makes them honest.

So, to help keep us all honest, I compiled a list of seven vetted, real news sources that provide critical analyses and investigative answers.

Associated Press – It doesn’t get bigger than the AP. They are the industry standard across the globe and perhaps the most trusted name in news. If you read something fishy on Facebook and you can’t find an AP article to cross-check it for accuracy, it’s almost certainly inaccurate.

BBC News – The British Broadcasting Corporation is an international powerhouse that extends way beyond the UK. And if you saw BBC reporter Laura Kuenssberg’s sharp questioning during a White House press conference, you’ll know they don’t play around. See for yourself.

The Guardian – Like the BBC, The Guardian is a highly-respected British periodical known for its in-depth reporting. They’re also the ones who, along with The Washington Post, helped to break the story about Edward Snowden. How’s that for journalism?

New York Times – There is no denying that the New York Times is the most prestigious and most respected periodical in the United States. It has been the pinnacle for written journalism in this country for over 150 years, and it has one of the most aggressive and dedicated investigative branches of any journalism organization in the world. And just so you know, they earmarked $5 million to cover the Trump administration so they won’t be shying away from the hardcore reporting any time soon.

NPR – My preferred source of news, NPR has some of the finest long and short-form reporting in the business. Not only are its stories insightful and relative, but it is digestible and conversational at the same time. After all, listening to news is a lot different than reading it. Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Marketplace, and Fresh Air are some of my favorites.

POLITICO – While other organizations write about everything from NASA to cookbooks, POLITICO focuses solely on politics. As it says on its website, it’s mission is “to help sustain and vastly expand nonpartisan political and policy journalism.” So if you want to know more about Betsy Devos’s confirmation to Education Secretary or about who voted for Trump in “turkey country,” this site’s for you.

Politifact – Think of it as that kid in the back of the class who corrects the teacher when she’s wrong but isn’t a bitch about it. Complete with it’s own “Truth-O-Meter” fact-checking system, Politifact trolls politicians for accuracy. You can even find scorecards on its website that rate politicians’ statements according to their truthfulness… let’s just say Trump isn’t doing so well.

Look, I get it. You’re not all journalism wonks like I am—and that’s fine. All I ask of you to stay informed, know the facts, and get out of your bubbles—that means liberals and conservatives alike. It’s impossible to learn from each other if we don’t attempt to understand each other.

And also, PLEASE stop getting your news from Facebook. Facebook is for sharing drunk photos of your friends and updates about RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Photo by Kevin Lamarque for Reuters


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