Because you’ll need something strong on Small Business Saturday

Most people think I’m joking when I say I spend all my free time in coffee shops, but the truth is I actually do.

Instead of going to the beach or doing yoga, I post up at my favorite cafes with my laptop and earbuds to create all of the content you see before you (you’re welcome).

For me, the process is as much cathartic as it is pavlovian. Coffee gives me energy to create new content, and when I create new content, I relax. It’s an endless cycle.

So in the spirit of Small Business Saturday, here are my seven favorite coffee shops in Tampa Bay and a few short reasons why you should visit them:

[Google_Maps_WD id=12 map=6]

Bandit Coffee Co. – Minimalist design. Delightful staff. Donut Fridays every week.

Buddy Brew – Chocolatey cold brew. Multiple locations. Various vibes. To-die-for scones.

DI Coffee Bar – Quite and neighborly. Black and white cookies. A Sunday afternoon haven.

The Lab Coffee – Perfect on the go. No frills or fuss. Roasted in-house.

Victory Coffee – Bright and industrial. Locals only—really. Expertly-drawn chalkboard art.

Foundation Coffee Co. – Covered outdoor patio. Space to spread out. Pop-up food options.

Blind Tiger Cafe – Old-city charm. Black & Denim merch. FREE COFFEE ON SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY.*

*when you mention AT&T

Photo by Nicholas Trobiano


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