The space between complacency and revolution

I apologize for my absence last week. I needed seven full days to feel back to normal.

I don’t say that to seem melancholic or unrelenting in the wake of last Tuesday, but in truth, it was hard to be inspired.

So this week instead of continuing my pity party, I am searching for inspiration wherever I can find it. And today, I am starting with Spotify.

At first, I considered making a playlist of ugly-cry music that you can only listen to while sobbing into a pillow. But that didn’t help my mood. I just got depressed and ate an entire package of Oreos. True story.

Then, I considered making a playlist of activist anthems, but I realized “Lemonade” wasn’t on Spotify, so really, there was no point.

Then I thought, You know what? Why are my only two options fight or flight? Isn’t there a space between complacency and revolution that doesn’t require me to choose just yet?

The answer is yes.

I decided to make my November playlist all about me. Forget this partisan, two-sided, Washington crap. The only party I care about right now is my party of one. Because before I am able to accept what I cannot change or fight against the injustice in the world, I need to clean up my own house of cards. I need to figure out how to be a forgiving friend, a better advocate, and a stronger ally.

So, I’m going to mend my wounds with some of my favorite dance beats, a few familiar voices, and a couple of cover tracks that I hope will spark some mental reinvention.

And if you’ve felt lost since last week, I hope you’ll join me, too.

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Photo by Justin Gilbert Photography


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