Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Autumn.

Music is the universal mood maker.

I firmly believe you can make or break any situation with a single song, a philosophy I whole-heartedly welcomed 11 years ago while watching Denny Duquette die in the second season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. 

I know you know the moment. Katherine Heigl is crying in a prom dress to the beat of Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars.” It’s depressing. It’s overwhelming. And it’s precisely my point.

That emotional reaction is ingrained in you because of music.

Ever since I got my first iPod, I have strived to compile playlists with as much tact and understanding as Grey’s Anatomy. Obviously, I don’t have the same platform to showcase these playlists, but nevertheless, I have sought to use them to underscore my own life.

Whether I take a trip or host a game night or pull an Olivia Pope and drink a bottle of wine by myself, I always have a playlist on hand.

With the passing of Labor Day marking the end of Summer, I wanted to design an Autumn playlist that carried a little more weight—something that felt hearty and introspective. For many, this means folk or acoustic music, but not for me. I prefer emotionally driven, poetically written, brooding songs with intense, memorable beats.

If Summer is a time for indulgent fun, Fall is a time for thoughtful reflection.

Editor’s note: For the record, I am not experiencing an emotional breakdown or a bad breakup. I just genuinely like these songs.

(By the way, a big shout out to the incomparable Alexandra Patsavas who is responsible for choosing “Chasing Cars” for that scene. I gravel humbly before you.)

Shirt by Zara. Denim by Pierre Balmain. Boots by Cole Haan. Timepiece by Rolex.
Photo by Dan Austin Photography.


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