Tom Ford for “Vogue Voices”

This weekend—well, really the last few weeks—has been incredibly busy for me. I tell you that not for reasons of sympathy or self-loathing but as an apology. I have neglected you, my readers, and I’m sorry.

But there is a silver lining.

I have been absent because I have been working diligently on a very exciting new partnership that I cannot wait to reveal.

Believe me: it is a game changer.

Amidst all of the emails and phone calls, I have found myself hungry for creative inspiration, and whenever I feel this way, I turn to fashion.

Last week, I immersed myself in the work of Alexander McQueen, watching years of runway shows and even purchasing his book on Amazon.

Today, I turned to my idol, Tom Ford. His razor-sharp focus and meticulous attention to detail forever bemuses me in wonderment.

In the short film below, Mr. Ford speaks with American Vogue’s Sally Singer for the web series “Vogue Voices.”  I know it is more than two years old, but the content is as interesting as ever.

Photo courtesy of Tom Ford


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