Watch the entire menswear show from Milan

There are three things you will always see at a Dolce & Gabbana men’s show – Sicilians, suits and skin.

The Winter 2015 collection from Milan feature all three “S” words and introduced a fourth – Serfdom.

After showcasing the everyman for several seasons, the design duo swung the pendulum in the opposite direction.

This year was all about fashion royalty.

The show started with a crowned model dressed in deep charcoal gray sweats emblazoned with the portrait of the Norman king who invaded Sicily in the twelfth century. Fur-trimmed cuffs and beaded gloves fell at his waist and equally ornate slippers covered his feet.

The clothes grew grander with every model – chainmail hoodies woven from black wool, silk shirts printed with medieval coats of arms, oversized luxe fur sweaters stamped with cross pattées, and velvet suits stamped with images of Sicilian churches.

This show returned a sense of masculinity to Domenico and Stefano’s runway. For years their use of local faces achieved the authenticity of true Italian life but made the collections feel boyish, especially since they used actual boys as models.

Although the designers allegedly have not seen Game of Thrones, maybe King Joffrey interceded with some divine wisdom: boys don’t make valiant kings.


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